Tuesday, March 24, 2009


OK, so I'm on my lunch break, looking at blogs and I check out my celebrity mommy blog and here's what it says, "Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber take a family walk in New York City with their two, Alexander, 1, and Samuel, 3 months."

And then here's the picture:

Did you notice anything? They clearly say Liev and Naomi are walking with BOTH boys...sorry folks, only one kid in this picture...this Maclearan stroller is a SINGLE...do you think baby Samuel is under Naomi's scarf??? I just don't see it...also on the blog they post this picture and comment about Tori Spelling, "A svelte looking Tori Spelling heads out for some shopping in Los Angeles."
Definition of svelte: slender, esp. gracefully slender in figure; lithe...ok, ok, she is SLENDER and by slender I mean anorexic!!! She is TOO small...eat girl, eat!

Friday, March 20, 2009

OK, so Seth is basically a movie star just not quite...

So I'm sitting here watching Ellen (she and I would be SUCH good friends by the way) and Paul Rudd is on...I guess he's like super popular right now...I've loved him since he was on Friends as Phoebe's future hubby...but I digress...anyway, he's so cute and funny and I kinda have a little crush on him...like I do with Colin Firth (seriously cute and fun in Mamma Mia, Bridget Jones, etc...) and I realized...not only is Paul Rudd cute like Coline Firth...he's CUTE AND FUNNY, DARK HAIRED, SILLY...LIKE SETH!!!! So basically, it all goes back to the fact that I have a huge crush on my husband I guess...you'd think my celebrity crushes would be DIFFERENT than my own man...but nope...so its settled folks, Ang has a type and is pretty much sticking to it.

PS, here's an example of DIFFERENT crushes...my super amazing friend KJ's husband is tall, thin, khaki pants, kinda guy...he and Seth are good friends, but let's face it they get nerdy when they quiz each other on their Star Wars knowledge and electronical talk, but KJ's celebrity crush is Jon Bon Jovi...yeah, TOTALLY different.

Anyway...peace out!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Yeah yeah yeah, this is a family blog...I get it...and I also get that I'm posting about the Bachelor I just watched...what a crock is all I have to say about that...Jason picks Melissa (so good) and then on "after the rose" he takes that back and picks Molly...AND SHE ACCEPTS! OK, Molly, seriously???? He just dumped one girl and wants you...doesn't that sound shady to you? Don't you question him? Don't you think that maybe, for just one stinkin' second that he'll do the EXACT same thing to you? Give me a freaking break...I watched all season long for this? An indecisive single dad? Man, THAT'S a new story...yeah, you should have stayed single Jason, because dude, you seriously have some issues...I'm just sayin'