Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Grae's cake

Here are a few more pics of the party...specifically the cake!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Is that you mommy?

OK, so this is a little self-indulgent but I was sitting here reading blogs and catching up and Gwen looks over (she was watching Cinderella on the VCR...yes, not on the monstrosity in the living room but our old fashioned but no less loved, tube TV in our bedroom) to the computer and says, "Is that you mommy?" and here's what she was looking at:
All I can say is the girl's got taste...both my daughter and Reese included in "the girl's" because let's face's true.

Graelyn's Luau

Well...Saturday my baby girl turned one and had a bang up party! We officially had 20 adults and 10 kids in my little house! It was a blast and everyone seemed to have a good time...we have tons of food left over and TONS more cake! I'll revise my post once I get the pictures of the cake from my mom...she was in charge of taking pictures of that since I was busy doing stuff:)
Anyway, here's my should check out Sarah's recap though because it was way funny and honestly, very true...some of my comments will reference her's so be sure to check her blog out for sure!
My observations/experiences:
1. Graelyn didn't go crazy into the cake...this is how insane she got:

2. My husband Seth is a FANTASTIC daddy to our girls and loves them so, he makes mean burgers and dogs if I do say so myself...good job Seth on the grillin' my man! Oh yeah, and in this pic, he looks like he's saying "do what?" Which is totally a Texas phrase so he's for SURE not saying it:) (For those of you not from the South, "du wut" as its pronounced is another term for "pardon" (which we are teaching Gwen to say instead of huh?)).

3. Graelyn got really really cool gifts...some of which Gwen is wanting to steal but we're working on sharing and understanding that sister has her own toys now too:)
4. I have really really wonderful friends and step mother in law Nancy commented on how sweet y'all all were and what great friends Seth and I have...well said Nancy...I agree...y'all rock!
5. Jenny was SUPER cute in her orange dress...she's always been so freakin' cute and sassy, love it and her "scrunched" hair! VERY CUTE! Good job dressing your boys too...oh yeah and Rob was super helpful with being my guinea pig...I didn't have utensils for the burgers, dogs or tomatoes and he helped me out with that...what a helper!
6. Sarah and Jeremy (and of course the Margs with her CUTIE bathing suit)should have stayed was sort of like a vacation at our house anyway because we had water, food, drinks and fun...I mean, it was like a resort...sort of! But this family is way funny and Jeremy and I have promised to dig up "Spring Affair" pictures of when we acted together at OBU...this should be good.
7. Kim and Aaron can talk to anyone...Kim always is funny and cute and fun and Aaron can talk to anyone about anything! He and Rob were chatting with each other about Michigan/Notre Dame/Ohio State (I think that was it...probably more) football and seemed like old friends. Landon of course, was cute and even got a little lovin' from my grandmother, MawMaw!!! He's so lucky because she's amazing! However, on a side note, she had to have an "adjustment" from the chiropracter today because of lifting heavy objects but other than that, she's fine...just kidding are precious.
8. Rebekah and Chris walked in with Jamba Juice ONLY for may not have anyone else jealous but you did me...I drank those things like Jenny drinks wine when I was pregnant with Graelyn...good stuff! Luke and Isaac had their own party going on outside on the slip'n'slide and pool...way fun...and they "ordered a hot dog" from daddy about 5 times and finally got one:) Mary is going to indeed be the singer in the family...and the stylish one with her it!
9. Abby, Kelly and Ms. Kathy are 3 generations whose genes run deep...they all are beautiful and all look alike...I love it...Abby has the prettiest pouty out Andy, you're in trouble! PS. Kelly is my bow business partner...our site is almost done so I'll let you know when to go on an start ordering!
10. Holly and Ricky and Payton are all just too in shape...they are so sweet though and Payton is getting bigger and bigger everyday! Plus, they brought chalk!!!! YES! Gwen was TOO excited!!!!!
11. My mom is always so freakin' cute and no less so today...yes, folks, she had on skinny jeans...I won't tell you how old she is because she looks at least 10 years younger than that...but she's smokin' hot is all I have to say...she's the best mom ever and loves her girls (Gwen and Grae) so much!!! I have to say, Manny (That's what the girls call her) won with the gift though, Graelyn LOVED her baby doll and stroller! And the stroller is hot pink and black, 2 of my favorite colors!
Girls, I honestly think we need to get together just girls, soon! I know that Jennifer and Sarah are about to have to go back to work soon and I'll follow not too long after that so I'm thinking that we need to set a date now so we'll actually do it...we could just meet for drinks one night, like a Friday or Saturday night after the kids are down so the hubbies can't complain too much...and then make it a monthly thing! Let me know your thoughts!!!
Also, on a side note...if you are wondering what you are going to dress up for for Halloween...look in your kids' books for inspiration...I'm going to be Emily Elizabeth from Clifford!!! She's blonde and wears hot pink and black striped socks!!! OK so if you see some (they have to be knee sox) pick them up for me and I'll pay you for them because I'm going to dress up at school and everything! She also has a pink shirt with a white collar and a black skirt! HOW CUTE! And I'll find a Clifford dog and carry him with me all day! How fun!!!!!! Can't wait!
Stay tuned for more pics, my mom took some GOOD ones!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why I hate Sugarland...

OK, so I'm sitting here working hard on this blog and Good Morning America is playing in the background and Sugarland is on...I HATE THEM. She really, honestly can't sing. So they've won awards, big freakin' deal. She and he suck! She does this thing with her voice to make it sound like she's got an accent (southern, you know, they ARE a country band) but really, she's from Atlanta...yeah, that's the south but unless you've lived in ATL for like, a century, you really don't have the accent she's trying to pull, she dances weird and seems to come on a bit when she does to her band mate...and he's married. I'm just sayin'. Had to comment because, to be honest, and I know this is a family blog, but she pisses me off...I don't listen when she comes on the radio and now I have to change Diane and Robin and I love them! And I have to go back to work soon people! So basically, she's depriving me of my summer luxuries. DAMN you Sugarland.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Some questions for my new cyber friend...Jennifer

OK, here are your questions Jennifer!!!
1. How did you meet your husband?
2. Soo, Carson is adopted (and the story is beautiful)...tell me the story of Griffin.
3. How did you come up with your kids' names? (I knew we should be friends because my uncle's last name is Griffin and I always thought that was such a great boy name)
4. Is it just you and your sister or do you have other siblings?
5. Where were you born?
6. Where did you go to school?
7. How do you know Sarah/Bekah?
8. How long have you been an administrator?
9. What's your favorite part of your job?
10. If you weren't an admin. what would you be?
11. Favorite vacation spot.
12. Favorite restaurant.
13. Favorite thing to do in your spare (ha ha) time.
14. If you didn't live in Texas, where would you live?
15. 1st thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
16. Last thing you do before you go to bed at night?
17. Finally...what do you want God to say to you when you get to heaven? (Have you ever watched "The Actor's Studio" with James Lupton? Anyway, he always asks that...that and your favorite curse word...which you can count as #18 if you'd like:)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Assistance Needed...

OK girls, I need your quarters...actually...I'll give you the quarters:) but Office Depot is having a special right now where you can get 20 folders WITH BRADS for a penny a piece!! Limit 20...I bought them out (and Bek did too this morning) at the one on 377 in Watauga but I plan to check out some more around town...anyway, I need the folders for my classroom. See, I have "theatre packets" I do for my 5th graders and that's what we work on for the 12 weeks they see me. However, in an effort to make my classroom a little greener, I'm going to create the packets, laminate the pages and put them in these folders and then let the kids use expo markers to write on the the end of the 12 weeks, I'll have them clean off their work and I can use them again! Anyway, if anyone has a spare quarter lying around that they'd like to help a sista out, that would rock!!! I'll pay you back of course...I'm paying Bek back with bows, clothes for M-Dawg and such so I'm happy to repay for other items as necessary!
Anyway, thanks for the help! GO GREEN!

Monday, July 14, 2008

takin' a poll...or is it pole?

Just kidding...taking a poll to all you out there who mop...what "mopping utensil" do you use and which is your favorite?
Here's why I ask this: I get down on my hands and knees and mop our kitchen and bathrooms...I hate it but its the Best way I've found to clean the floors...anyway...give me a shout out and let me know which "thing" you use!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Not to become obsessed...

OK, so FINALLY my Celebrity Moms blog was updated (the blogger was on vaca) and here's what I find:
1. Well, OF COURSE Brangelina have given birth to twins, girl and boy (Knox and Vivienne)

2. Other stuff...cute pics of cute celeb. moms

3. and the thing I noticed the most: this picture of Tom, Katie and Suri:

Do you notice how Suri's hair is getting longer (note the bangs in the face that drives me crazy! Hello??? She's even got a headband on but notice, its not holding the hair back...tell me, what is the purpose???) but Katie's hair keeps getting shorter and shorter? I know my hair has recently become MUCH shorter than it ever has but seriously, Katie...let it grow at least longer than Tom's...come on! Anyway, this is pointless and most of you probably don't care, but I just had to share!
PS...for those of you coming to Graelyn's party...BYOB folks, I'm feeding you!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

my future girl scout...or champion competitive eater

OK, so Sunday morning I'm in the kitchen making gingerbread pancakes from Central Market (these are a good, different twist on regular pancakes...don't rush out to buy them but they are a nice change of pace) and Graelyn is in there with me, opening up cabinets galore. You see, this is her favorite thing to do in the whole world. I should take a picture so you can see the damage she does...of course she has her 2 cabinets she's allowed to get in, the rest are off limits.

Anyway, she's doing her thing, I'm doing mine and I look over at her to see what she's up to...and this is what I found:

Wow mom! What a great breakfast!

Oh yeah, this is going to feel good coming out the other end!

Do we really have to clean it off?
I kinda think she looks like an elf in this picture...just something about her mischevious look on her face.

All I can say is "Aunt Bekah" would be so proud!!

PS, on a TOTALLY different note...the other day, maybe 2 days ago, I checked out my friends blogs (bloalker=stalker + blogger) and I was mentioned in 2, yes 2 of them folks! How exciting!!! So Sarah and KJ, thanks! That was the best shout out I've had in a while!!! YIPEE!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Graelyn's eyes...

OK, many of you have asked what the heck the lady at the Snooty Pig said about Graelyn's eyes...for those of you who haven't seen her in person...KJ (see prior post comment under the Cruise girls' photo) had made the comment that Graelyn's eyes are one of the 1st things you notice about her...and as her mommy, I can say, they are beautiful if I do say so's what happened:
Gwen, Grae and I went for breakfast muffins one morning at the Snooty Pig (little dive in Keller...GREAT muffins). We sit, eat our breakfast and then get ready to go...I'm on the floor cleaning up Graelyn's mess and several of the waitresses come by to say hi to the girls, say how cute, and whatever, etc. Anyway, this one lady comes up, kneels down and says:
Waitress: Oh, hey there...(pause...she looks at me) What's wrong with her eyes?
Me: Pardon me?
Waitress: What's wrong with her eyes, one's bigger than the other, what's wrong with them?
Me: (as I look at Graelyn) Um, nothing...they're fine.
Waitress: No, this one's bigger than the other...that one looks like she has a cold in it or something...somethings wrong.
Me: Well, pretty much the whole world has different sized eyes, they are ok.
Waitress: Just looks like something's wrong.
Me: Nope, she's good.

My sweet friend KJ has said I was WAAAYYY too nice and the further I got from the restaurant, the angrier and angrier I became and thought who the f&*K gives someone the permission to talk to a STRANGER"S kid like that????I mean, seriously! I was super frustrated and mad but I'm over it now...whatever...yeah, I was mad...who does that kind of thing anyway???? So, yeah, that's the Graelyn eye story! UGH!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This is for my friend Kim...Suri STILL has that freakin' bottle in her hands! Oh yeah, AAANNNDDD...she's got all that ridiculously long hair/bangs in her face...HATE that...she's still cute but COME ON PEOPLE! I'm poor and my kids look at least halfway put together 99% of the time! GOOD HONKS! Ok, my rant is over...on a side note...LOVING that Jake and Reese are cozy:)